Daily Prayers for Advent Reflection: Week 3

December 13-19

Sunday: God of hope, you call us home from the exile of selfish oppression to the freedom of justice, the balm of healing, and the joy of sharing.

Monday: Make us strong to join you in your holy work, as friends of strangers and victims, companions of those whom others shun.

Tuesday: God of joy and exultation, you strengthen what is weak; you enrich the poor and give hope to those who live in fear.

Wednesday: God of joy…look upon our needs this day. Make us grateful for the good news of salvation and keep us faithful un your service until the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, who lives for ever and ever.

Thursday: Merciful God of peace, your work, spoken by the prophets, restores your people’s life and hope.

Friday: Fill our hearts with the joy of your saving grace, that we may hold fast to your great goodness and in out lives proclaim your justice in all the world.

Saturday: Light of life, you came in flesh and gave us power to be your children. Grant us faith, O Christ, to see your presence among us, so that all of creation may sing new songs of gladness and walk in the way of peace.

From Revised Common Lectionary Prayers, based on Advent lectionary:
Isaiah 40:1-11 • Psalm 85:1-2, 8-13 • 2 Peter 3:8-15a • Mark 1:1-8